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Building Social Media Platforms


  • Building Social Media Platforms for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ so you can:
    • Keep up with your customers
    • Target the right audience
    • Brand your Online Presence
    • Share  your story!

Monthly Speaking Engagement


NOVEMBER 17, 2018

VMAC will speak at All About Women on Social Media etiquette, focusing on Social Media from a business perspective using LinkedIn, Instagram and FaceBook. Check All About Women FaceBook Page for details.

Real Testimonials


"Black Women's Task Force (BWTF) hired Ms. McBride to revamp our webpage. We created a great website through her willingness to partner with our organization. Our digital transformation was easy, effortless, and met our needs without a financial burden. Thank you Ms. McBride for your attentiveness to details and creating a user friendly-attractive website." ~~ Dinah McGlory, Treasurer, BWTF   

"Vera McBride is an amazing Social Media consultant. One aspect that truly sets her apart from other Social Media Gurus is that Vera takes her time to truly get to know her clients and understand the direction that they would like to take for their business. Then she does her magic. Not only did she help launch our business to a positive and engaging reception, she also was able to reached over 2,000 people in matter of a few days. It was because of this success that we were able to have a strong and successful launch and, still to this day, continue to have this level of success online. We can't thank her enough. Call her today, you won't be disappointed." ~~ Andraé L. Jones, CEO , Octavia Digital Media


“I have found Ms. Vera McBride’s social media talents and skills to be exemplary. Having created a business only months before we started working together, she was able to have over 3000 people look at our company’s Facebook page in less than 60 days.

She built it and continue to grow it with content and the support of Facebook Ads. In addition, she cultivated professional relationships solely through social media. She also is in charge of our LinkedIn and Instagram profiles as well. She is honing in on her craft more and more and I am proud to say that we have been able to benefit from her growing level of expertise.” ~~ 

Veronica L. Phillips, CEO, Mind Your Black Biz, LLC



Q: I created a Facebook page about 3 months ago and have not seen any engagement with anyone, no likes on my posts or an interest for my business. What can I do to get people interested in me?

A:  The first thing I would ask is why would you want your clients to be interested in YOU versus your business and what you can do for them? Are you asking engaging questions? What are you doing to reach out to your audience? In order to boost engagement from your followers, be proactive. Take the time to interact and get to know them. Get involved!


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